Grief & Gratitude

  Art Credit: The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder Grief & Gratitude Two strange bedfellows tied to a broken mast of a small fishing boat lost at sea. Tumbling and tossing in the [...]

Goddess Laid Bare

Naked in my skin, here I stand, Made in the image of an almighty command. Vulnerable, open, daring to be seen, Unsure and uneasy of what it all means. Peeling back these layers to my innermost [...]

Gaia Ma

As I sit beside thee, yet silent at thy feet, Did thy sweetest tenderest heart find my own to greet. For your love for me is vast and wide, Stretched into the infinite reaches of the furthest [...]

The Kiss

What secret pleasure and joy in this, But thy sweetest, tenderest gentle kiss? As you gently brush your hand against my cheek, Did my whole body swoon and seek, For the secret of the entire [...]