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Fare Thee Well Old Friend


May love of soul and light of hearts illumine your journey now, as you bridge the great divide.

Photo credit: Casey Horner

It is your time to leave us, and go where human bodies cannot abide.

As you say goodbye to the day and night, as you welcome in God’s love,

A rain of eternal blessings, showers upon us from above.

You have been our father, our son and husband, a brother, an uncle, a friend to one and all,

As you slip away from this world, entering the vast cosmos, where no thing is too big, nor too small.

It is your time now, to take your place amongst the stars, as you shine your light upon us far and wide,

Photo: Pawel Nolbert

Like the smiling warmth you always offered your wife and grandchildren, forever by your side.

You have been our companion on life’s bumpy, silken road, traveling for all these long years together,

Moving through joy and struggle, times of both happiness and even stormy weather.

You are the drop in the river, returning now as you flow unto the magnitude of the sea,

Merging with the Great Ocean of Love that is God’s gift and grace for Thee.


As we mourn your parting, feeling the tender ache of our innermost heart,

Photo: Andreas Kind

We celebrate the beauty of your life, for in this place, we are never truly apart.

Your love lives on in each of us, through and through – in every step we take and every single thing we do.

We know that death is but a doorway to what is unseen yet true:

Love lives eternal, and so in our hearts will you.

Photo: Genevieve Dallaire

As your soul rejoices now to return to the source of all,

May the glory of a happy life, well lived, be your final, curtain call.

May this offer us comfort in the days, weeks and months ahead,

Those bitter, sweet moments, where we can hardly bear the pain of imagining you, no longer sleeping in your cosy, comfy bed.

It is but a matter of time when we will be reunited, not if but surely when.

May our love for you sustain your journey as you rise in God’s heart again.

Until then, may love’s wings surround you as you travel safely to your eternal resting place,

Photo: Claire Jones

Taking your place amongst the stars, shining light without a human face.

May love of soul and light of hearts illumine your journey as you bridge the great divide.

Returning home now – embraced in God’s love as He awaits you with open arms, stretched out wide.

The legacy of your love lives strong in all those blessed by the radiant warmth of your inner sun,

Fare thee well old friend. Your earthly work here, is well and truly done.


In loving memory of B.N.P

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