Rise Dear Daughter, Rise

Rise Dear Daughter, Rise And the woman sat before the altar of her very soul and she asked her Father, who art in heaven, “Why is this loss so agonising? Tell me for how long it shall continue? [...]

Inner Storm

Inner Storm: Hurtling through cosmic space, An inner storm of divine embrace. Clearing out those cobwebs, those places of clinging old Dusty patterns, ingrained habits, concepts no longer fresh [...]


Rebirth Held in our Holy Mother’s arms, love’s tender embrace, The gift of the cosmos, spiraling in as both blessing and grace. An offering bestowed upon thee not just for today but through all [...]

I AM Woman

I AM WOMAN As I enter the portal of the feminine dimension, I celebrate my intuitive knowing and deep, feeling nature. Sometimes I am like a tempestuous and stormy sea. At others, I am like the [...]

Grief & Gratitude

  Art Credit: The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder Grief & Gratitude Two strange bedfellows tied to a broken mast of a small fishing boat lost at sea. Tumbling and tossing in the [...]

Goddess Laid Bare

Naked in my skin, here I stand, Made in the image of an almighty command. Vulnerable, open, daring to be seen, Unsure and uneasy of what it all means. Peeling back these layers to my innermost [...]

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