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As I enter the portal of the feminine dimension,
I celebrate my intuitive knowing and deep, feeling nature.
Sometimes I am like a tempestuous and stormy sea.
At others, I am like the undulating waves that gently caress the ocean’s shore.
In this space, I reconnect now to the primordial, ancient wisdom that flows through me.
I am the overflowing fullness of WOMAN, radiant and glorious.
I stand now in a circle of divine sisterhood.
All of me is welcome here.
Fully present in this moment now – I reconnect to the source of creativity within me.
I alone, am responsible for my own wellbeing.
Drinking in deep life’s healing waters,
Bathing in the sweet, golden light of my soul.
In this space, it is easy to take care of myself and my needs.
As I trust my sisters to take care of their own needs too.
I am here for me. I lovingly support myself.
I am here for you, knowing that you are but my light reflection.
A manifestation of the grace of the great Goddess herself.
I pause when I need to, resting and trusting in the stillness.
I am here for the temple.
In this spirit, I offer my precious gifts in service to all.
I support my sisters as we each flow and dance our sacred hearts into a healthy, and embodied womanhood.
Like the juicy fruit hanging from the branches of the pear tree, I celebrate the ripeness of my feminine beauty.
I embrace our divine feminine essence.
I claim my fierce, feminine voice.
Together we hold a vision for the restoration of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine on earth.
Bound by evolution, connected through the portal of love that is our divine nature.
We are the holy trinity.
We are the love, power and wisdom of womankind.
I AM the temple and love is my prayer.
Wild, open, magical, awakening now.
I AM WOMAN. Hear me roar.

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  • Elle

    A Lovely reminder of our beautiful woman’s temple space that you created as well a lovely message for today. 🙏

  • Pip

    Beautiful. I assume you know the song ‘I am woman’ by Helen Reddy? One of my absolute favourites.

    • PriyaSophia

      Thank you so much Pip – had forgotten about that song – and she says “I AM Woman, hear me roar” at the beginning too! Thank you so much for the reminder of this great classic! x

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