In Poetry

A Grandmother’s Blessing

May your heart always know the truth of which you seek,
May your longings be met in the world with a courage not for the meek.
May you know the gift of your ancestors, standing behind you, ever by your side,
May you live strong in your love, under no bushel shall your light hide.
May your heart be comforted in moments of sadness and moments of grief,
Feeling the pain of mortality, as human loss and despair both fall at your feet.
May you feel strengthened and comforted by life eternal, God-given and true,
That you are but my light reflection and the love of all of heaven lives in you.
For you have been gifted the magic and mystery of the universe no less to behold.
A joy and a vision of harmony, beauty, and grace – all yours to unfold.
For each and every moment you are unraveling the truth of your deep, feeling heart,
Releasing the ties that bind and the suffering of which you are a part.
Let the song of my heart be my message and inspiration anew,
Let these memories and moments in God’s love renew your resolve through and through.
May you create magic, miracles, and everlasting joy,
Transforming shadows and slaying demons, that you may no longer be coy.
To live your life fully, this itself an offering and blessing most divine,
Through your heart shall you alchemise holy water into sacred wine.
May you find all that your heart craves as you take each and every step ahead,
May you receive nourishment for body and soul for both are eternally wed.
The freedoms you are given are but the grace of you and I,
Manna most rich from the Beloved’s treasure chest in the sky.
May your children grow strong. May they grow wise. May they grow true,
Feeling Divine Mother’s blessing rebirthed in each moment as they follow love anew.
For in Her outstretched arms, whether you stumble or fall or toddle along your way,
May your heart hold steady, a love you may trust and stay.
Let the bounty of love’s blessing, be the benediction of your earthly life.
Let this be an end to your struggles of unworthiness and strife.
Lift up your heart beloved child of God, grateful now to receive.
Let heaven’s whole company’s in you truly believe.
For you have been born, just for these moments, these ones where you stumble and fall,
That you fall again into heaven’s lap to rise again, standing mighty and tall.
Not full of pride, but resting in the heart of the Beloved, victorious at last.
Dissolving and merging yourself, that there is no future or even no past.
There is only this moment, so lift up your heart, but joyful, jubilant and sing.
Let love’s healing balm break your heart open as through the cracks shall love’s beaming longing burst in.
Rise dear daughter rise, may these moments too be a sacred offering to God.
For it is in His eternal wisdom, that what is below is as in heaven above.
May you too know the blessing and grace of all that you seek.
For your longings reflect the courage of these times, not for the meek.
Let your heart’s desire be expressed through each moment, breathing it in as if it was your last.
For when the bell tolls, it is love alone that reveals where the die has been cast.
Lift up your head, raise your voice to the stars as you have been illumined all along,
It’s your time to sing love’s joyful heart song.





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