In Poetry


Held in our Holy Mother’s arms, love’s tender embrace,
The gift of the cosmos, spiraling in as both blessing and grace.
An offering bestowed upon thee not just for today but through all of time,
Yet now is the moment to receive, as you hear love’s bell resound and chime.
As you take in your very next breath, let these bountiful blessings unfold,
Faith, hope and charity, dearest presents that you shall shape and mould.
For as you allow yourself now to receive what has long ago been encoded through your cellular whole,
Shall the world be birthed anew in the glory of an alchemical gold.
You are the bounteous sweetness of heaven’s gentle face,
A beauty that radiates into the furthest reaches of a distant, outer space.
Thy countenance divine, touched by the hand of God above,
Birthed through the womb of the Great Mother, imbued with Her love.
As you breathe in now the truth of thy birth, the luminescence of cells quenched in sacred fire,
Let the wildness and passion of Goddess empowered now awaken and inspire.
Yours is the abundant plenty of seeds drenched in the milk and honey of God’s rich and fertile land,
Seeds sown by the Divine Mother’s own skilful hand.
Strip off your threadbare cloak, stand now naked and bathed in light,
As the glory of creation bows and delights in the juicy curves of your sumptuous sight.
Beautiful beloved, you are the one we have been waiting for, the seeker that is now found.
Go forth amongst those that would seek the healing waters of your unique and sacred sound.
And if for a moment you doubt and wonder whether this is all but a dream.
Remember on earth as in heaven, you are loved beyond measure and adored evermore and seen.

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