In Poetry

Inner Storm:

Hurtling through cosmic space,
An inner storm of divine embrace.
Clearing out those cobwebs, those places of clinging old
Dusty patterns, ingrained habits, concepts no longer fresh nor bold.

Thoughts and feelings of the past surrendered now,
Removing imprints of anxiety and confusion from furrowed brow.
Rushing headlong together as we throw ourselves into this space,
Nothing to follow, save the cascading torrent of a truly divine grace.

What outpouring of giddy ecstasy and pleasure is this?
Like a lovers’ taste of heaven’s sticky delectable kiss.
Shifting planes; there is nothing left now but to surrender to thee,
Portals of cosmic consciousness blasted open to set us all free.

In the Beloved’s arms, your sweet love soul treasure opened by intensity’s touch.
Transcending what is real and imagined, as worlds upon worlds fold through an effort that is simply too much.
The galactic core beaming through the crystalline earth now with a potent laser light,
Bringing into alignment what was askew through myriad dimensions and galaxies of blackest night.

Merging now is the truth of your precious and sacred heart.
The alchemical magic of love’s gushing river flow as you simply start.
Why wait a second longer, the pulse of now is tearing along at breakneck pace?
Arise and awaken as you take your rightful place.
The unstoppable curtain calls as you sing your own song and take a bow,
Take inspired action and reap what you sow in this moment now.

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