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Working with me is simple, potent and transformative. You will already know if it is right for you in less than the 10 seconds it takes to read these words. Trust that. It will not lead you astray.

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Beautiful One,

Your heart already knows the truth. You are here for a reason. If our paths are destined to cross, you will feel the stirrings of your innermost heart – because you know, like I know – it is our time to rise together.

We are limitless beings, you and I. The bounty of our eternal spirit is held in the finite form of the human body. Our bodies are our temples and love is our prayer.  It is time to dive deeper into love’s smoldering cauldron. Together we can embrace the mystical content and sacred teachings of the Divine Feminine.

If you are looking for support on your journey of deepening, I can offer you a container of love and safety. Through sacred prayer, guided meditations, or transformational coaching, I support women and mothers who long to access their sacred feminine light. Women who are tired of being superwoman, of not feeling good enough or even enough. Women who have been giving and doing so much for so long. Women who long to illumine the world with the depths of the love that they know they are here to share. Women whose courage is rising like the fire from the belly of the Great Earth Mother herself.

Igniting the fiery luminosity of your soul’s light, I am here to support you on your profound journey of human embodiment. We are not here to escape the body and matter, but to dare to feel and to transform it, each and every single cell, of our entire beautiful being. Together we will create a richer, more connected expression of the feminine as we access our spiritual, emotional, heart-aligned truth. We are living in times of unprecedented change – times that require unprecedented courage. If you are seeking more clarity to bring a project to fruition or how to take the next step, it would be my honour to be your guide.

We are vast creative beings you and I. As we step into the riches of our unique empowerment, as individual men and women – we give others permission to do the same. I am no different than you. I am just a woman on a path – longing to bring her sacred gifts more deeply into the world through sacred service.

The beauty of your inner light is waiting for you to claim it. There are so many ways to connect. If you want to enter more deeply into life’s hidden mysteries check out my offerings. It is (as always), my deepest honour and pleasure to connect.

With all my love,

Priya Sophia xoxox

Will you take the next step?

  • Igniting the fiery luminosity of your soul's light, I am here to support you on your profound journey of human embodiment.

    - Priya
  • It was a total privilege to be there last night and felt so in alignment with where I am right now. Thank YOU for creating such a precious, sacred space. I will definitely come along in the future - maybe even to the next one. I expected just women - so it was a really lovely surprise to be able to share with men who are in touch with their feminine side.

    Oona Alexander
  • Priya has worked with us at Greenwich Steiner School for the last 5 years. She has been a Godsend, supporting us by keeping our Facebook page updated and refreshed year round. She has supported and advised us regarding advertising and marketing. Priya is innovative, extremely approachable and has a real passion for Steiner Education. She is a joy to work with.

    Adrian Dow Headteacher