Rise Dear Daughter, Rise

And the woman sat before the altar of her very soul and she asked her Father, who art in heaven,

“Why is this loss so agonising? Tell me for how long it shall continue? How can I bear a second more of it? How can I live in a world where you are not?”

Her heavenly Father smiled at her in the way that he had always done. There was a stillness now, that flowed in with the warmth of his smile. His words were silent now. She could feel them in her heart. Hear them in her thoughts. They were clear and strong, but with a different quality than any she had known when he was alive and speaking directly with her. She could feel the dazzling light of his soul, the depth of his love for her and his deep feeling heart as he spoke.

Photo: Zoran Kokanovic

“Precious child. You are always my child. You have come through me, but do not belong to me, as I do not belong to you. I belong now to the soul of the world.”

He continued.

“The depth of your grief and loss is your love unmasked. Made raw in the furnace of life, the pain you feel is the fire of your soul. Seeking to burn away and transmute what has been gifted to you as my dear daughter that you may receive the truest blessing of my love and live your fullest life.”

“This is my greatest gift and wish for you and your children before you.”

“It is your time to rise. Rise from the slumber of my protective embrace. But do not fear for a moment that I am leaving you. For I am ever with you. The light of the world is your protection now. My love lives on in you as you and the blessing of your life. My love lives in the love you express to your children, who also come through you but do not belong to you.

“They, like you, belong to life itself, seeking to know and express itself only and always as love.”

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“We are each traveling towards our death. But death is just a beginning. It is a new window into a whole other world of being and rebirth. Death is walking towards you. As you are walking towards death. Your life is flowing in between. In death there awaits the gift of new life. This is my gift to you.

“This gift of life to bless you that you too may bless all those who cross your earthly path.”

“You were always like the brightest light, your tender heart would illuminate any room. How you made my heart sing with the joy and sorrow both of being your father. We have traveled this pathway together and for long, you and I. We shall meet each other again.”

“In the pain of this grief and loss, shall you find the deeper love that lives in your soul. In this love, you will find me. You will anchor this love so deeply in your being that you will awaken to the truest gift of life; to know yourself as love. As this knowing awakens consciously in your cellular whole, you too will know that I am always with you. As you are always with me. I am grateful to have been your father. To have walked this earthly plane with you for the time we have had together.”

“Rise up dear daughter. Feel the truth of my words. Let yourself be bathed and blessed by what is and always true – love is the only thing that matters. It’s the only thing that ever has. I have done my best to teach you through the practice and demonstration of my own life. It was a life of sacrifice and devotion. Yes, it was not an easy life. But it was my life. This is the gift I offer you now.”

“The gift of my life.”

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“Will you take this gift and recieve it fully now? This gift of life that lives on in you and through you? The life that lives on in you and your beloved children.”

“You cannot be without me. For I am always with you. I live on in you. I am in the air that you breathe. I am in the ground beneath your feet. I am in the wind that howls through the trees as you walk through the forest. I am in the glowing warmth of the sun’s rays as they pour down upon your face. I am the longing of your heart to know what it is to love and be loved. I am the legacy of love as it flows from my life and now into your own.”

I live in the legacy that you too will leave as you let this love transmute and burn away those old stories of lack and limitation that you have been holding onto. There is no place in your life for those now. Now you must rise from your slumber and let the force of this light flow and surge through you. Yes, it will burn. Yes, the agonising pain of it will at times sting your tender heart. But let yourself be stung with the beauty of life as it flows through you. Let yourself drown in your tears of grief and loss. Each precious tear drop bathes and anoints you my daughter with its blessings. It is your time. Time to let the love that has always been there fully in. Time to let the love that has been denied, find its rightful home now, as the blessing and gift of your one, precious life.”

“Rise, dear daughter. Rise from the slumber of your aching heart. Let your heart bleed with sorrow if it must for each and every precious ache is simply the birthing of this love – each tender feeling, like a sacred prayer on the altar of your love for me. On the altar of life’s longing to know itself. These sacred offerings on life’s altar hear every whispered prayer. Every syllable of the words you speak even before you utter them.”

Photo: Patrick Hendry

“Let this love flow now and let yourself be birthed anew by the grace of thy Father. For as it is in heaven, so shall it be in the blessing of your earthly life.”

“I am always with you. Do not doubt it for even a second. Your doubt is the clanging bell that deafens the angelic throng that sings your heart’s truth. You are love itself. Love is expressing itself through you.”

“As am I.”

She sat awhile, resting in the knowing that all that he had shared with her was true. They were his words, but also her own. His soul was speaking through her now, as he had given life to her, life was flowing through her. The depth of this tenderness itself was heart-breaking.

She was his firstborn child. She too has been a light in his life. It was hard to fully let this in. The little girl in her wanted to play small and feel not good enough, not worthy or ashamed for all those times she judged herself in his eyes to be lacking or not enough. All those moments she had doubted her very self.

She knew though, that this light was the gift and blessing of his life gifted as her own. Love would continue to flow, as the fullest expression of her own life, until the day when Death also called her home. Then she would join her father and his father before him. She too would gift her children with the bright blessing of life as the light before her. Just as her father was doing now.

Photo: Chris Rhoads

She would join the long line of her ancestors that were seeking to bless her and the generations that would come after her with the gift of love from the heart of life itself. As she opened her tear-stained eyes and again looked up upon the altar, she could no longer hear his voice whisper its heart to her.

For a moment she began to panic, the desperation of finding him and losing him all over again. Until she heard the silent yet quieter echo of love as it softly reverberated around her heart.

“Let me be found in your life. Live your life dear daughter. For in life do you receive my greatest blessing. Live your life. Live. Let love be your guide. May the light of your soul guide your way home.”

He had arrived in the silence. Then again he was gone.

She sat awhile resting in the quietude before her. Her body was weary from the sobbing. But her soul was rejoicing. The love of her Father was the blessing of her life. She watched the flicker of the candlelight in front of her – knowing that he could always be found there.

But for now, he had entrusted her with his light within her. The light that would dance and join a thousand splendid suns and in the light of this most noble love, would she meet Him again.

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    You definitely have to publish that!
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    Incredibly beautiful, thank you.

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