In Poetry

Until We Meet Again

Though the road may be long and weary, you and I shall meet again.

Though the winds may howl and the rains may pour, it may not be now, but certainly when.

Our birth but a beauty and a wonder, a treasure to be divined.

A toast of a holy sacrament, a salutation of bread and sacred wine.

My heart is feeling grateful, to have known you all these long years hence.

Even though the grief of your parting still tears down every parameter and fence.

Those built up walls, those bricks and mortar, built around my heart,

Blast wide open, when I think of you, and the love of which we’re a part.

May love of soul and light of hearts illumine you on your way.

Our time together too short, even though you could not spend another day.

Your love lives on in me though I would be lying if I said I always knew,

That you were always with me, for when the darkness begins to settle grief unravels me anew.

Your presence like a mountain, safe and sturdy and resolute it’s true.

To know you is to love you. To love you through and through.

Thank you seems so very small. A prayer of gratitude from my lips ushered now to God above.

Let this sprig of an olive branch wash away all transgression, carried by the earthly dove.

May my heart’s overflowing love be a benediction most holy, that has neither beginning nor end.

For your fierce flowing love to this my broken heart shall mend.

In being here now, I know that angels surely tred.

Like guardian protectors, fierce illumination of a destiny as yet to wed.






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