In Poetry

I am the consciousness of the dance, the movement that seeks to find its way through the darkness.
I am the glow in the dark, the cosmic seer comes to put pay to the rumours that the light has gone.
I am the inspired breath that seeks to know not who but when for only in each moment can the dance of love be truly felt.
I am the nakedness moving through the darkness, to find you there.. waiting all along.
I am the silence of the sweet song upon your lips,
The promise of a dawn as yet to break.
I am the babbling brook of eternity’s fresh mountain spring,
The caress of lovers, yearning for more.
I am pleasure for pleasure’s sake.
I am the dance. The movement of our intentions finding conscious connection even through the darkness.
I am the light. The shadows that fall softly upon thy face.
I am the dancer. I am the dance. I am the movement that flows blissfully through this space that I too may be found.
I am surrendered to this space, this intimate place where dancing ends and a meeting begins.

Priya Sophia

Art: Freydoon Rassouli

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