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For my beloved friends, S&D

A Lover & His Beloved

A Lover looked at his Beloved and said,

“Let me anoint your body with fragrant oils, a gift of my love,

Drinking in deep this honey-dewed liquid, a sacred offering from the heavens above.

Photo: Andrew Seaman

Let us celebrate this day as I sing our love song, loud and clear,

Let all who gather be bathed in the grace and blessings of our love, not fear.

With this tender kiss I place upon your lips,

Let this seal our lives together of devotion and joyful, wedded bliss.

Let us be together for all the long years of our most precious life,

You, my husband and I your Beloved through times of grace and times of strife.”

As the great poet Gibran declared of marriage it’s true,


“Let there be space in your togetherness

And let the winds of heaven dance between you.”


Photo: Sacha Styles

For what is love but the gentle caress of waves as they lick upon the ocean shore,

The moaning wind as it rattles through the perfumed garden and whistles the open shutters of your bedroom door.

Love is a call to action, an art of daily devotion at your lover’s feet,

As love’s sturdy branches entwine in union and love’s earthy roots nourish all those whom you meet.

Let love be the beauty of our hearts together and today joining as one.

Feasting at life’s banquet, as we eat, dance and sing under the almighty sun.

Let my love for you be a healing balm to soothe your weary body after a long night and day away,

Let my open arms and warm embrace, be listening ears to the silent words you cannot even say.

Let my love for you be a soft landing place, a resting spot for your tender, aching heart.

A place to lay down your arms and the fire and fury of all that happens when we are apart.


Photo: Connor Wells

Whatever it is that you need, let love be the cosmic pot that is stirred,

Let it also be the ladle and the soup, manna through which your heart’s most intimate longings are heard.

Let me be the one to nourish your body, inspire your mind and tend to the light of your soul.

Let us together deepen in love’s wisdom, as we both grow yet wiser and graciously old.

And if we should stumble and fall along the way as is part of life’s journey too.

Photo: Vitchakorn Koonyosying

May love’s compassion and kindness guide our way that we may again in this love renew.


May these vows be an offering most blessed, a jubilant and eternal song,

Celebrating our earthly journey as we share the gladness of this joyful throng.

Raise a champagne flute to my husband, as we pick up our dancing shoes, perfectly polished and ready to fly,

May no man nor woman tear asunder what has been gifted by grace between you and I.

  • Carolyn


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