In Poetry

A Lover asked the Beloved, “Where have you been hiding all this long while my love? How I have yearned for you, moaning softly into the storm that the winds themselves may carry my message of longing and desire to you.”

The Beloved replied, “Could you not see the sunlight that danced upon your cheek my darling? That was me. The light that illuminates the fiery luminosity of thy sweet soul. And what of the blackest cloak of darkness that is the night? Wrapping its invisible arms around you in a tight embrace.

You stand here before the ocean; this vast body of water carrying the rolling pleasure of my delight and joy to welcome you in wave upon wave of greeting.

What of the moonlight? As she glistens on the darkness of the sea, that in this shimmering beauty of perfection, you too may see my light reflection?

I am with you my love, come what may. Since the first morning as the sweetest of birds sings a new life of possibility and meaning. Hope is the sound of your own heartbeat, the murmuring echo of what it is to truly know love.

Come merge with me, my love. Let us dissolve this insanity of you and I where the sky kisses the earth just like I now bow before you and touch the beauty of your gentle feet.

Let each new day be a celebration of what has always and ever been true – there is indeed no place that I am not. I am with you now. As I have ever been.

Here I am with you. Now.

I am the spaces in between your very breath. I am the iridescent light that dances in the night sky – the twinkling of stars yet born and rebirthing whole new universes into being.

I am the Beloved.

I am the Beloved and I have come.

Can you not hear me knocking on the door of your heart, all along?

Won’t you please let me in?”

Priya Sophia

Art: Ines Honfi

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