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Love’s Lost Labour

How can it be that the sweetness of your gaze turns so bitter a hatred, cold and glazed?
The promise of a life together, the home, the hearth, the sacred muse,
But fanciful words and meandering soon to lose.
Your heart that held my own with such earnest devotion through and through,
So cold and callous as you explored “love” anew.
How can it be that all those moments together in love’s embrace,
Are scattered like ashes in a barren land of waste?

The crow that mocks and scorns our sad lament,
No longer friend nor foe, for all is spent.
Those moments merging in the infinite bliss of ecstasy divine,
Drunk like sacred lovers consuming holy wine.
Drained away, no colour or rosy cheeked glow,
But bitter poison as we reap what has long been sown.
What of broken dreams and sad goodbyes?
As sluttish whores cloud grateful skies.

Legs spread wide to mock and scorn
Those precious moments of a golden dawn.
Those days together both delirious and in bliss,
Sealed by the beauty and breath of love’s sweet kiss.
What of those promises not kept, just spat out like scum?
A blot on the landscape as all is now undone.

Your word, a meaningless sword broken in two,
Devotion and loyalty like a distant cousin we once both knew.
How can it be that on all those smiling faces,
Beaming recognition of the heavenly graces,
Bestowed upon us, anointing our union flame,
But you would still wait to play your vile and filthy game.

What of trust and honesty, so many promises made?
In the end buried in the mud at midnight with broken spade.
How could you look me in my eye?
The fire of vengeance and hatred that knew not why.
These wounds, these pains and deepest darkest hurt,
Kicked to the ground like the dust and the dirt.
As your affections waned and your eye did seek,
False prophets guiding you to worship at their feet.

How you so quickly gave it all away,
The cold promise of an abused whore on her back she lay.
But no matter your contempt and malice hidden under darkest night,
I too am gifted with the light of inner sight.
You who failed to see my beauty, radiant and aglow
Shall lose what was once precious and cherished you know.
Soon enough the love that has been lost not found,
Shall be rebirthed here on sacred holy ground.

The garden with fragrant perfume you once did adore
Shall blossom and bloom under the light of another once more.
The sun shall shine bright in the skies above
As God shall not forsake those with whom an open heart is there to love.
But your part in this drama shall become clear
And you will experience what you most do fear.

For you were gifted with the innermost heart of love.
Yet chose to desecrate the temple of the serpent and the dove.
Let it be known now far and wide,
That your love has now been decried.
What was once given is now forsaken and lost through all of time
Love’s holy cup turned to Meade not wine.
As these tears of sadness spill upon the land,
Fear not for God himself has another plan.
Love’s lost labour is never truly spent,
Wasted hopes and dreams you shall yet repent.
The glory of love you failed to protect with ill renown,
Casting asunder your golden crown.
When that day shall come, look up and see,
The bluebird and the raven smile and mock in laughter at thee.


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