• We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

    Dolly Parton
  • Action is the foundation key to all success.

    Pablo Picasso
  • Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams - live the life you have imagined.

  • Priya has worked with us at Greenwich Steiner School for the last 5 years. She has been a Godsend, supporting us by keeping our Facebook page updated and refreshed year round. She has supported and advised us regarding advertising and marketing. Priya is innovative, extremely approachable and has a real passion for Steiner Education. She is a joy to work with.

    Adrian Dow Headteacher
  • "Priya has excellent communication skills and an extraordinary, genuinely unique talent for writing about human emotions as experienced in all their complexity, beauty & sometimes pain. This quality is probably unteachable, but it's remarkable in helping other people understand their own feelings and experience them more fully, calmly and truthfully."

  • "Priya is good at seeing the bigger picture and recognising the smaller steps required to achieve goals. She identifies values and beliefs and represents them in written communications and in branding. She is able to intuitively identify foundational themes in people and holds genuine space for creative thinking."


SoulSpeak – Transformational Coaching & Womb Healing Sessions

Beautiful One,

We are each living in times of accelerated awakening and change. No longer can we depend on outer leaders to benevolently guide us as we further advance the human species. Now is the time to become your own living fount of wisdom and inspiration.

The return of the feminine light on the planet, heralds the restoration of a deep imbalance of the ages, as the sacred feminine, is being birthed alongside the sacred masculine. Together we shall return humanity to its original divine blueprint. This restoration of balance and harmony is your divine birthright. It is part of why you are here and within this divine, inner alchemy are the sacred fruits you have to offer your own life.

We can no longer tolerate the over busy, exhausted model of (wo)manhood, hopelessly juggling too many balls, until one inevitably falls and everything cracks. We can no longer tolerate living lives less than overflowing with the abundance and joy of sharing and offering our gifts with others and the world.

Now is the time for us to come into our authentic power and vulnerability. This does not mean hiding away or denying all that you have experienced and felt. Nor does it mean wallowing and staying stuck in endless patterns of blame and shame. Now is the time for men and women of goodwill everywhere to experience a profound heart-awakening.

If these words resonate with you, there is no such thing as a happy coincidence. Life has brought you here for a reason. Now is the time for you to open to the magical possibilities that your life has to offer. Time for you to live your soul’s purpose and to embody the wisdom that you are here to share. Whether a mother, father, artist, creative, entrepreneur, healer, coach, scientist or a myriad of other professions, it is time for you to step into the integrated harmonic of your soul’s light and frequency.

A SoulSpeak sesssion is for you if you are interested in exploring more of your intuitive abilities. If you are wanting to deepen in your felt experience of pleasure and sensuality, both for yourself and in relationship with your beloved, a SoulSpeak session can help you to discover what blocks you realising your potential. More than just a simple session, a SoulSpeak coaching session or a SoulSpeak Womb Healing is an intuitive deep dive into the heart of the matter. Deep down you already know the truth. You are your own wisdom keeper. Like deep down, you already know whether or not whether you will benefit from a SoulSpeak session at this time.

It is a feeling that wells up inside of you. It is a knowing that goes beyond words, yet is somehow contained within them. You and I are seekers of truth. Sometimes though, the hustle and bustle of every day passes over our own intuitive knowing and clarity like a cloud.

Perhaps they are clouds of doubt and despair or deep-seated fears you’ve yet to uncover. Perhaps they are clouds of not being good enough or being too much or even feeling as if you are nothing at all. But even clouds serve a purpose. They bring cleansing rain. Healing balm from above, that allows things to grow at the right time and in the right way.

Often our limiting beliefs are hidden from the conscious mind, revealing themselves instead in various aspects of your life that appear to not be quite working. A niggling anxiety or repeat scenario that keeps presenting itself on the movie screen of your life. A dull ache of a something you can’t quite put your finger on. A deep, intuitive knowing in your bones that you have more juicy, potent, sensual life-force energy to experience and express in the world – it’s just trapped somehow.

Whatever it is that you are currently facing, a SoulSpeak session can offer you a moment of deep pause, lovingly held with conscious energy work and attention. A SoulSpeak session is like a cosmic reset – reconnecting you to your own truth, as you access your body-wisdom and come into even greater alignment with your heart’s truest desires. Ultimately you are the source of your own greatest wisdom and knowing. A SoulSpeak session consciously works with all the layers of your being so that you can restore the imbalance and better access the beauty and majesty of being you.

There are of course countless ways to reconnect more deeply with your own intuitive wisdom. A SoulSpeak session is simply one such opportunity.

Even a single session can offer you profound transformation and healing as you dramatically shift whatever burdens you have been carrying. Isn’t it time to put down the baggage as you lighten your load and journey ever more closely towards your dreams?

Whether you decide to deepen in this work with me or with another, it is my deepest wish and longing for you, that you find what are looking for and realise the essential wholeness of being you. Everything you have and need is within you. You really are your own greatest teacher.

If you feel inspired to explore your own body wisdom and knowing more in this way, it would be my deepest honour and pleasure to be your humble guide.

Ultimately and maybe always, we are all just walking each other home.

With all my love,

Priya Sophia xoxox

  • Thank you so much for Thursday, you certainly made it into a temple, it was beautiful. The woman’s temple for me is about discarding my cloak and stepping into my softer more feminine power, so your temple is absolutely perfect for me, which I knew of course!

    Ellen Bloomfield
  • Thank you for making such a beautiful night for everyone. I think it is probably the first time I have been to such an event where it really felt like care! I could feel you put yourself into it and the intention you had to nourish us. Something flowing through you. And that was very special.

    Emily Jane Love
  • Thank you for embracing me in your woman’s temple. I am in a still place and reflective place – sitting with the experience. Lovely Priya – an amazing achievement – you have a generous soul.      

  • Thank you so much darling Priya. You created a wonderful space that in it I felt calm, at peace, light and complete. I am so glad that I attended. Thank you once again and many blessings to you my beautiful angel. Lots of love

    Eva Godfrey
  • You were a totally unexpected treat for me. The women's temple space you created was utterly beautiful. As soon as I walked in, I felt the love, care, and effort you had put into it all. You were made for this. If I lived closer, I would come every week.... keep going, it really is an exquisite offering.

    Cloe Jackson
  • As a very multi-faceted woman, with a career and children, I found that being able to dive into this very beautiful and holy womanly space, was like diving into my own sanctuary. Out of that, helping me to breathe my own sanity and newborn love for myself. I would recommend any woman to take the time to rest in their woman's temple.

    Nicole Zimbler

Is a SoulSpeak coaching session for me?

  • Are you ready to step into a new level of personal empowerment and sovereignty?
  • Are you ready to reclaim your feminine power and restore your inner balance?
  • Do you want to magnetizing more magical opportunities and experiences into your life?
  • Are you at an important threshold in your personal journey and longing to experience the next level of your own magnificence?
  • Do you want some clear strategies for effectively spreading the word about what you do and expanding your impact in the world?
  • Are you eager to ignite your true soul’s purpose in the world and live in authentic alignment with who you truly are?

All human beings have a natural longing to be seen and heard. A SoulSpeak session is an opportunity to be witnessed deeply in your creative essence.

As you tune in more powerfully to that which inspires, motivates and kindles the embers of your heart’s longing to know itself more deeply, you cannot help but access even more of your soul’s fierce protective light.

As you fan the flames of your innermost longings, how can you help but experience your true beauty and magnificence?

Don’t you know that you are a powerful being, loved beyond all impossible measure? Isnt’ it time that all areas of your life are infused with this knowing as you feel evey great contentment and ease flow into your world?

Isn’t it time that you started truly living and feeling your dreams?

If these words resonate with you, why not book a SoulSpeak session now?

You will be amazed at what you will find. As you open your heart yet further to the majesty and beauty that is you, you will experience firsthand exactly how powerful you truly are.

SoulSpeak Womb Healing (for women only)

As women, we store old, negative thoughtforms and emotions in our womb space. This can create blockages in our relationships and hinder our ability to surrender deeply to the sexual pleasure that is our birthright. Your sexuality is a sacred part of your soul’s expression. If you want to access greater levels of self-love, pleasure and awakening, womb healing sessions can release whatever no longer serves you, so that you can access even more of your divine, creative potential.

Is a Womb Healing Session for me?

  • Are you ready to dive deeper into the healing of your body temple?
  • Are you ready to experience greater levels of love, sensuality and sexual potency in your life and relationships?
  • Are you looking to restore the balance of your life between being and doing and experience the profound harmony of being a woman?
  • Are you ready to access your creative life-force and actualise your potential in the world?
  • Are you ready for heightened levels of sacred, sexual power, pleasure and bliss?

Womb Healing – What to expect?

Womb Healing sessions are bespoke sessions, depending on your own needs. Together we will explore your relationship to your authentic self, through the gateways of your love, power and wisdom. Womb Healing can take many forms, but some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Release and clear cellular patterns or imprints which are no longer serving you at this time.
  • Deeper access to your Divine Feminine wisdom – trusting in your inner-knowing.
  • Deepen your sexual receptivity and ability to give and receive pleasure.
  • Deepening your sacred relationship with a beloved.
  • Opening to life’s abundant potential.
  • Clearing childhood wounds, trauma and re-programming your body consciousness to vitality, wholeness, and love.
  • Experience your own vibrant, healthy sexuality.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships.
  • Forgiveness for self and others, coming into loving compassion with the deepest wounds of your heart.

Individual sessions are tailor-made to your needs and will include conversation, dialogue, guided meditations and healing energy transmissions to help you to realign and balance your womb heart.

Are you ready to take the next step?

  • A SoulSpeak or Womb Healing session is for you if you long to connect more to your sacred essence.
  • If you are looking to deepen in your felt experience of your own inner temple and access even more of your primordial feminine wisdom. Feminine does not just mean for women. Feminine in this context means accessing the intuitive, receptive knowing of your inner source of knowledge and wisdom. The part that is essentially active in nature, relating to all aspects of the creative cycle – albeit, planting seeds, germination, incubation, nourishment, and harvesting of ideas, projects and plans.
  • Maybe you’ve birthed babies and raised families. Maybe you’ve already been involved in all sorts of exciting, creative, projects and plans, whether they generated an income or not.
  • If you can feel in your bones that change is rushing headlong towards you.  Perhaps an indistinct murmuring at first, but one that is absolutely ready to erupt in the world.
  • If you are looking for a conscious path to prepare yourself for conception.
  • If you know that you have a voice and the reclaiming of that voice is the next stage in your personal evolution.
  • If you are a mother or a father and are raising your family or a successful and accomplished professional or both, you have already experienced so much. You have already given so much. Now is the time to receive deeply as you magnetise exactly what you need into your world, through the depths of your devotion, through the depth of your open heart and through the depths of your tremendous capacity to love.
  • If you have a project you are longing to birth in the world.
  • If you want to access your vast, unlimited creative potential.

You have even more beauty and love and radiance to offer the world and your one, precious life.

  • Priya is great for coaches and small businesses because she is absolutely heart-centred and is very much a people person. At the same time, she provides a very grounded approach.

    Vena Ramphal
  • Priya helped me see that having a clear vision is vital for how you communicate about your business, especially online.  She is pleasant to work with, authentically engaging and I felt she understood not just my business but also my purpose in the world.  She has really helped me to communicate this vision.

    Luna Joy
  • Priya has a real talent for "holding the space" and delivering projects and meetings on time. That's a real skill. She is professional and poised, and has a gift for empowering others. I'm very impressed by Priya's creativity and work ethic, and recommend her wholeheartedly.

    Brigid Bowen
  • Before our session, I had felt lost in a big city without a map. Priya gave me the map and shared effective strategies for staying on track and navigating my way. Now I feel confident to continue to build my business and communicate about it. I also have clarity on the core values of my business and some more ideas about where I would like to be in a few years time. Working with Priya was inspiring and I really loved her ability to deeply tune in with me as her client.

    Luna Joy
  • Priya has worked with us at Greenwich Steiner School for the last 5 years. She has been a Godsend, supporting us by keeping our Facebook page updated and refreshed year round. She has supported and advised us regarding advertising and marketing. Priya is innovative, extremely approachable and has a real passion for Steiner Education. She is a joy to work with.

    Adrian Dow Headteacher

Book a SoulSpeak or Womb Healing session now

Transformational SoulSpeak or Womb Healing sessions usually last 1.5 hours and are offered at £197 for an initial session. (Please allow up to 2 hours for the 1st consultation where we take a full health/history intake).

Book 1 SoulSpeak or Womb Healing session for £197

To get the best out of these sessions, they are offered in blocks of 3 (with additional discounts).

Book 3 SoulSpeak or Womb Healing sessions for £447

Sliding scale is also available for those on lower incomes. Please get in touch to find out more.