• Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

    - Maya Angelou

Venus Rising – a guided LOVE meditation, on or around every full moon from the heart of our temple

Join our monthly LOVE Meditation on Wednesday 30th May, 2018

Will you accept my invitation?

What is the Venus Rising Temple?

A Venus Rising Temple – is a powerful, safe and confidential heart-circle for men and women to reconnect to their sacred essence and restore their sacred feminine power, alongside the sacred masculine. Essentially, it is a portal to the Divine Feminine. Through our heart longings, we become the conduit for a deep and profound healing. Bringing balance, harmony and grace into our everyday lives. In our in-person and longer online programmes, we practice the feminine arts, which often includes movement, meditation, and massage.

Our Venus Rising temple gatherings are available both online as well as in-person. To stay up-to-date with all the latest events, please enter your name and email on the right and we will be in touch shortly.

Do you want to?

  • Feel your own inner beauty and radiance?
  • Deepen in your felt experience of your relationships with others?
  • Experience more intimacy & fulfillment across all areas of your life?
  • Recharge and reconnect to the true source of your feminine power?
  • Feel deeply nourished, held & supported?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the perfect place. Our sacred Venus Rising Temple offers you restorative space to recharge and reconnect with movement, meditation & guided practices.

Venus Rising Temple space is:

  • Lovingly held support to enter the soft beauty of your sacred feminine radiance, in harmony with the sacred masculine.
  • A living temple of light, to nourish your body, mind, and soul.
  • Time out of time, to enter a space of discovery, rebirth & renewal.
  • Magic & transformation as you enter the vast, unfathomable mysteries, felt in practical and tangible ways.
  • Safety and support as you dare to open your tender, loving heart.
  • Authentically feeling of all that lies within you.
  • Access to your raw, authentic power and express your fierce, feminine voice.

If you are looking to reclaim your sacred feminine power, restore your voice and truly be seen as the incredible, beautiful and radiant being you truly are, please do consider joining us at one of our next gatherings.

Our next online 6-week Venus Rising temple immersion (for women only) will take place from Monday 4th June to Monday 9th July 2018. Please do see our specially dedicated page for more info. Feel free to also register your interest by joining us for one of our monthly LOVE meditations or by entering your details below for special early-bird pricing and extra surprises!

Take the next step

Woman – Enter the Living Temple of Lakshmi

Wednesday 6th June – Wednesday 18th July 2018, a  6-week deeper dive into love, sex, and power.

  • Are you ready to step into a new level of personal empowerment and sovereignty?
  • Are you ready to fully reclaim your sacred, sexual power and restore your inner balance?
  • Are you ready to magnetize amazing opportunities and experiences that are a profound reflection of the radiant beauty you truly are?
  • Are you ready to experience the next level of your magnificence?

Register your interest below:

Register below for this meditation:

Date: Thursday 28th June 2018

Time: 8pm GMT (for 8.30pm start)

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: Suggested Donation £15

The restoration of inner balance and harmony is the rising phoenix from the ashes of the patriarchy.

Priya Sophia

You will receive these gifts:


I will be sharing a special guided meditation for you to access even more of your primordial feminine power and wisdom for yourself.


You will experience an energetic transmission from the radiance of your inner temple.

Creative Possiblities

Access the field of infinite possibilities and co-create your highest potential for the month ahead.

Will you accept my invitation?

Please do come join me. The experience of your own fount of love, wisdom and inspiration is not to be missed. As you drink in deeply from your sacred well, you too can rest awhile and restore and replenish yourself. Isn’t it time for you now too?

Whether you are a mother and raising a family, or a successful and accomplished professional or both – you have already given so much. Now is the time to receive deeply as you magnetize exactly what you need into your world – through the depths of your devotion, through the depths of your open heart, and through the depths of your tremendous capacity to love.

Will you come join us? We are SO excited to gather each month on or around the full moon. Celebrating our inner light. Entering the living temple. Radiating in the abundance of love, power and magic to be found there. Do come join us – access your feminine light and prepare to be amazed.

All my love and gratitude, Priya xoxo (email me)

Connected to her heart, connected to the source of her power, a woman in touch with her essence has even more beauty, love and radiance to offer the world and her one, precious life.

Priya Sophia


Register for the Venus Rising LOVE MEDITATION here.

Thursday 28th June 2018 8pm GMT